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    Home Brewing Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects Review
    Date: 1/24/2014

    Home Brewing Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects

    I converted my home brewery over to stainless steel quick disconnects a few months back. I ended up placing them on my Blichmann home brewing kettles, wort chiller inputs and outputs, recirculation \ sparge arm and on my pumps. They were easy to install and I have been happy with my purchase. The quick connects and disconnects save me time by allowing me to quickly connect and disconnect hoses which is especially nice when I have several things going on at once and don't want to deal with the hassle of unscrewing a clamp! My connection changes are lightning fast now and I have not had any issues with leaks or the disconnects failing on me. They are very sturdy and made out of sturdy 304 stainless steel to help prevent corrosion and wear. The quick connects and disconnects run from about $9 to $15 each.

    On a superficial level, I also like the way that the quick disconnects look; another bell and whistle to add to the brewing rack. On a more practical side, it has made my cleaning process allot easier, especially when it comes to the pumps and wort chiller. Additionally I no longer have to wear about stripping a thread or struggling to get a hose reconnected when I should be dealing with something else. I would highly recommend the quick disconnects if you are considering making the purchase.

    Stainless Steel Quick Disconnets can be purchased here: You can purchase Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects here!