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    Mini Keg Stainless Steel Growler Review
    Date: 1/5/2014

    Home Brewing Stainless Steel Mini Keg Growler

    I was browsing the web a few weeks back when I came across this mini keg growler and figured I would give it a try. The stainless steel mini keg growler arrived a few days later and I was a little surprised at the size of it, expecting it to be a bit larger. The stainless steel mini keg growler is a bit smaller than a glass growler but holds approximately the same quantity; this is due to the thin walls of the stainless steel growler. One of the best things about this stainless steel growler is that if I were to drop this mini keg growler it might get dented a bit but it would not shatter into 10,000 glass shards like a typical glass growler.

    This growler looks fantastic! It is all stainless steel so it is easy to clean and you don't need to worry about it imparting any off flavors on your beer. Another thing that I really like about it is the cap that it comes with. The cap is made of thick stainless steel, it is very sturdy and has an o-ring at the top of it to hold a tight seal. The cap is just about indestructible, easy to clean and should never need to be replaced as opposed to a standard growler cap.

    If you are looking to buy some new growlers to transport your home brew or share with your friends; this has to be my favorite growler that I own and I would highly recommend it. The stainless steel mini keg growler can be purchased here: You can purchase the Stainless Steel Mini Growler here!