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    Ultimate Stainless Steel Sparge Arm Review
    Date: 12/11/2013

    Home Brewing Sparge Arm

    I have used just about every home brewing sparge arm available and this has to be the best one that I have had the pleasure of brewing with. What I like most about the Ultimate Sparge Arm is how it is constructed. It is made out of high quality, thick stainless steel and all of the welds are clean and professionally made. I have used it for several brewing sessions and it has never let me down or disappointed me.

    I was just as impressed with the versatility of this sparge arm as I was with its durability. It has an adjustable body tube knob that permits you to set the arm in a variety of positions depending on the size of equipment you are using and the height of your grain bed. Since this sparge arm does not depend on a rotating arm to disperse the water or wort, it allows you to set the flow rate at any level, which is a real benefit over a rotating fly sparge arm. This sparge arm comes out of the box with a stainless steel ball valve that allows you to easily adjust the flow rate at the top of the kettle. Also included is a mounting bolt that allows you to quickly and easily mount the sparge arm to the side of your mash tun.

    In my opinion, the best thing about this sparge arm is that it allows you to recirculated wort through it so that it may be used in a RIMS or HERMS home brewing system. That is something I was unable to do with my previous sparge arms. Using this sparge arm with my recirculating pump, burner and digital temperature gauge, I was able to easily convert my all grain system over to RIMS which gives me greater control over my mash temperature and translates to better beer! This home brewing sparge arm is not cheap but in my opinion is worth every penny and I highly recommend it.

    You can purchase the Ultimate Sparge Arm here!