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    Welcome to The Home Brewing Guilds home brewing equipment and ingredients review page. Here you will find detailed reviews on some of the most commonly purchased home brewing items so that you can make sure that you select a high quality item before making your purchase. If you have any questions on an item that you do not see reviewed here, feel free to send us an email as there is a good chance we can give you some feedback.

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    Stainless Steel Home Brewing Stand Review
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    Mini Keg Stainless Steel Growler Reivew
    Ultimate Stainless Steel Home Brewing Sparge Arm Reiview

  • Stainless Steel Brewing Stand, Brew Rig and Home Brewery Review
    Date: 10/15/2015

    Home Brewing Stand

    Over the last few years, readymade \ fully assembled home breweries have become all the rage. These home breweries go by many names, brewing stands, brew sculptures, beer racks and brewing racks; no matter what you want to call them they are quickly growing in popularity. Where once there were only a handful of limited options for a home brewery, now there are many home choices available to a home brewer; but which is the best one?

    Prior to a few years back the only option for a home brewer was to construct their own home brewing stand or beer rack. This meant busting out the welder, cut saw, hammer and drill; but ohhh how things have changed! You can now pick out your new stainless steel home brewery with the few clicks of a button.

    In my opinion the More Beers brewing sculptures are the most dependable and best option currently available for a home brewer. Over the last 5 years they seem to have perfected their home brewing beer rack design and process. They recently added their stainless steel ultimate sparge arm into their system which has opened up an array of options for thermal regulation in the mash tun. Additionally, they have 3 styles of brewing sculptures and brewing stands available for you to choose from including a stainless steel single tier brewing rack, a 3 tier tippy-dump brewing sculpture and a 3 level gravity based home brewery.

    What I like most about MoreBeer's stainless steel brewing stands in comparison to some of the other pre-constructed home brewing stands is that they seem to have thought of everything in their design and did not cut any corners in their manufacturing. Their brewing racks are all made out of stainless steel and many of their designs include the following options at no additional cost:

    High Temperature March Pumps
    The MoreBeer Stainless Steel Ultimate Sparge Arm
    Digital Temperature Controls
    Control Panel
    Convoluted Heat Exchanger for RIMS and HERMS support
    Boil Kettle Whirlpool Arm
    Stainless Steel Maximizers and Diverter
    Hard propane lines

    The only downside that I can see is the price. One of these stainless steel home brewing stands will run you anywhere from $1099 to over $7000 depending on the style, capacity and features that you want in your brewing sculpture. In all reality that is not too bad of a deal when you consider that it comes with the kettles and almost all of the items that you will need to have an out of the box, ready to go, top of the line all grain home brewery constructed from stainless steel. Best of all is that you can always rest assured that More Beer with honor their warranty if you have any issues.
    These stainless steel home brewing stands and brewing racks can be purchased here: You can purchase Readymade Home Brewing Stands here! For a list of other homebrewing rigs and beer brewing systems available for purchase, check out this site: West Coast Brewer Brewing Stand List! Another great list of available brew rigs and all grain brewing racks: HomebrewingDeal.com Brewing Stand List!

  • Home Brewing Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects Review
    Date: 9/24/2015

    Home Brewing Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects

    I converted my home brewery over to stainless steel quick disconnects a few months back. I ended up placing them on my Blichmann home brewing kettles, wort chiller inputs and outputs, recirculation \ sparge arm and on my pumps. They were easy to install and I have been happy with my purchase. The quick connects and disconnects save me time by allowing me to quickly connect and disconnect hoses which is especially nice when I have several things going on at once and don't want to deal with the hassle of unscrewing a clamp! My connection changes are lightning fast now and I have not had any issues with leaks or the disconnects failing on me. They are very sturdy and made out of sturdy 304 stainless steel to help prevent corrosion and wear. The quick connects and disconnects run from about $9 to $15 each.

    On a superficial level, I also like the way that the quick disconnects look; another bell and whistle to add to the brewing rack. On a more practical side, it has made my cleaning process allot easier, especially when it comes to the pumps and wort chiller. Additionally I no longer have to wear about stripping a thread or struggling to get a hose reconnected when I should be dealing with something else. I would highly recommend the quick disconnects if you are considering making the purchase.

    Stainless Steel Quick Disconnets can be purchased here: You can purchase Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects here!

  • Mini Keg Stainless Steel Growler Review
    Date: 8/5/2015

    Home Brewing Stainless Steel Mini Keg Growler

    I was browsing the web a few weeks back when I came across this mini keg growler and figured I would give it a try. The stainless steel mini keg growler arrived a few days later and I was a little surprised at the size of it, expecting it to be a bit larger. The stainless steel mini keg growler is a bit smaller than a glass growler but holds approximately the same quantity; this is due to the thin walls of the stainless steel growler. One of the best things about this stainless steel growler is that if I were to drop this mini keg growler it might get dented a bit but it would not shatter into 10,000 glass shards like a typical glass growler.

    This growler looks fantastic! It is all stainless steel so it is easy to clean and you don't need to worry about it imparting any off flavors on your beer. Another thing that I really like about it is the cap that it comes with. The cap is made of thick stainless steel, it is very sturdy and has an o-ring at the top of it to hold a tight seal. The cap is just about indestructible, easy to clean and should never need to be replaced as opposed to a standard growler cap.

    If you are looking to buy some new growlers to transport your home brew or share with your friends; this has to be my favorite growler that I own and I would highly recommend it. The stainless steel mini keg growler can be purchased here: You can purchase the Stainless Steel Mini Growler here!

  • Ultimate Stainless Steel Sparge Arm Review
    Date: 7/11/2015

    Home Brewing Sparge Arm

    I have used just about every home brewing sparge arm available and this has to be the best one that I have had the pleasure of brewing with. What I like most about the Ultimate Sparge Arm is how it is constructed. It is made out of high quality, thick stainless steel and all of the welds are clean and professionally made. I have used it for several brewing sessions and it has never let me down or disappointed me.

    I was just as impressed with the versatility of this sparge arm as I was with its durability. It has an adjustable body tube knob that permits you to set the arm in a variety of positions depending on the size of equipment you are using and the height of your grain bed. Since this sparge arm does not depend on a rotating arm to disperse the water or wort, it allows you to set the flow rate at any level, which is a real benefit over a rotating fly sparge arm. This sparge arm comes out of the box with a stainless steel ball valve that allows you to easily adjust the flow rate at the top of the kettle. Also included is a mounting bolt that allows you to quickly and easily mount the sparge arm to the side of your mash tun.

    In my opinion, the best thing about this sparge arm is that it allows you to recirculated wort through it so that it may be used in a RIMS or HERMS home brewing system. That is something I was unable to do with my previous sparge arms. Using this sparge arm with my recirculating pump, burner and digital temperature gauge, I was able to easily convert my all grain system over to RIMS which gives me greater control over my mash temperature and translates to better beer! This home brewing sparge arm is not cheap but in my opinion is worth every penny and I highly recommend it.

    You can purchase the Ultimate Sparge Arm here!