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    Beer Recipe Name: Single Hopped Columbus IPA Columbus IPA All Grain Beer Recipe

    Beer Recipe Style: India Pale Ale
    Estimated OG: 1.063
    Beer Recipe Type: All Grain
    Batch Size: 5 Gallons
    Mash Type: Single Infusion
    (60 Min) 152F Saccharification Rest
    (10 Min) 168F Mash Out
    170F Sparge
    Grain Bill: 12 LBS 2-Row Malt
     1.5 LBS Crystal 15L Malt
    Hops: 1 oz Columbus (60 Minutes)
    2 oz Columbus (5 minutes)
    2 oz Columbus (1 minutes)
    Other: Whirlfloc Tablet (5 minutes before end of boil)
    Yeast: Wyeast American 1056
    Fermentation: 2 Week Primary @ 68F
    2 Week Secondary @ 68F
    2 Week Cold Crash @ 34F
    Notes: This is a great single hop variety IPA from MoreBeer that uses strictly columbus hops for its bitterness and aroma. It has a perfectly balanced body and rich hop flavor, a fantastic traditional American IPA. You may also want to consider getting an extra ounce of columbus hops to dry hop it for a bit extra aroma. There is also an extract version of this kit available that is also great if you don't have an all grain brewing setup.

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