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    Beer Recipe Name: Jim Rossi's Honey Pale Ale Pale Ale Extract Beer Recipe

    Beer Recipe Style: Honey Pale Ale
    Estimated OG: 1.05
    Beer Recipe Type: Extract
    Batch Size: 5 Gallons
    Grain Steeping: 30 Min) Steep grains at 152F
    Heat the kettle in preperation for the boil and remove the grains once temp hits 168F
    Grain Bill: 4 LBS Ultralight Malt Extract
    .5 LBS Light Dry Malt Extract
    3 LBS Honey
    .5 LBS Honey Malt for Steeping
    Hops: .5 oz Cascade (60 Minutes)
    .5 oz Cascade (1 minutes)
    Other: Whirlfloc Tablet (5 minutes before end of boil)
    Yeast: Wyeast London ESB 1968
    Fermentation: 2 Week Primary @ 68F
    2 Week Secondary @ 68F
    2 Week Cold Crash @ 34F
    Notes: This is one of my favorite MoreBeer recipe kits and if you are looking to brew a great honey pale ale then look no further, this one is a fantastic recipe. It uses 3 LBS of honey and a mild hop profile so that the honey really shines through. There is also an all grain version of this kit available that is great if you have an all grain home brewing setup.

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